Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Big Three

There's three things I hate-old women, young women, and drunk women. Drunk women can be tolerable at times, they are more of an annoyance. The hatred comes in once the bantering and hollering starts to take place. That's when I can't help but imagine her being put down like a dying dog at a veterinarian's office. Its odd that I feel this way because ironically there are three things I think a girl should love to do-fuck, gamble, and yes, frequently drink. If she doesn't like to drink that means she likes to think and I just cant deal with a woman like that. If she doesn't like to gamble that means she doesn't like to take risks. A girl that doesn't enjoy taking risks is afraid to try new things in bed, and I just cant deal with a woman like that. Lastly, if she doesn't like to fuck then I simply have no use for her. Now, most women who read this will probably be thinking, "I dont enjoy doing any of those things. Does that mean men will hate me?", and the answer is yes, men will hate you. In fact, men probably already hate you. Its natural for a man to hate a woman until they have sex. Even then, depending how it was or if the guy can remember it, there's still a strong chance you'll be hated. Most guys just don't have the time or patience to deal with the baggage, and the ones that do have the time and patience are basically females themselves. The funny thing is, its the guys not willing to make time or have patience that the women really want. If you see a couple that have been together for more than 3 years, she settled. Women have to settle. They were born to settle. They take everything they can get no matter what it is just for the sake of having it. A guy on the other hand doesn't have the option to settle. We dont even know what settling is. Were the exact opposite; we aim our sites a little too high. We don't care about rejection, humiliation, or embarrassment. Our whole existence is an embarrassment. We just hope to manipulate the very soul of a woman and bend the truth as much as we can as long as she doesn't find out before a little bit of sex takes place. Either that or we pray she is an easy drunk that continually loses her memory. Anyways, aside from everything, remember the big three. You'll find her at a horse track or a casino bar. You might even find her at one of the local low quality bars giving the bartender her last dollar to suck the straws in the leftover highballs from the afternoon rush. To me, thats a lady.


  1. This is hilarious.

  2. THATS MA BOY, well put sir, well put. more more more more.