Tuesday, April 13, 2010


the quickest escape route is not always the safest.
I could go on and on about control
youd never understand.

I could explain the feeling of acceptance
having the knowledge
of a complete, and finished existence;
youd never understand.

an unfulfilled mind is incapable of grasping the thought.
it hasnt reached the finish line
I would like to take you with me,
youd never understand.

the distance travelled is unimaginable.
a choice has been made,
the time
is finally set.
I could show you what I see, I could paint
a picture of my thoughts,
youd never understand

its a lonely road, a long journey,
and the ones who
are already gone.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Classy Broad

she was standing at the bar
beer in hand
a smoke just resting in an ashtray
she leaned back on her left leg
as if drunk
or just as lazy
the rest of us
she had no interest
in anyone
she didnt care for people
all she needed was a strong drink
a cigarette
and a leg to lean on
she had style, she had class
she had it all
while I sat there
with half a drink and one cigarette
and an empty wallet

Shades Of Grey

shades of grey wont fade away,
on this dark and gloomy
rainy day.
the damp and cold will stay in place,
while the tears that fall
embrace the lakes.
its safe to say your fate is made,
when the break of day
erases pain,
but in the end you cannot make,
the shades of grey
just fade away.